#13.010: Rhinegeist Dinner & Victory City Exhibition



The topic of “Citizen Space” was not taken lightly by Orville Simpson II. Mr. Simpson was a Cincinnati real estate investor and entrepreneur, who spent 50-plus years of his life thinking about the problems of urban sprawl, overcrowding, crime, and pollution. During this time—with no formal architectural, planning, or artistic training—Mr. Simpson dedicated his life to designing and documenting his solution to these problems: Victory City, “the City of the Future”. While at times the roughly self-illustrated ideas seem oppressive (a corporate monopoly governing the city, or rules against cooking or keeping pets in one’s own residence for example), other aspects developed 50 years ago are now accepted as good practice, or are even considered cutting edge (farm-to-table meals with no additives and preservatives, and efficient land use).  In 2011, Mr. Simpson’s life’s work was donated to the University of Cincinnati, and is preserved and interpreted by DAAP Galleries and its director Aaron Cowan. ArchiNATI is proud to present a sampling of the immense Victory City collection related to the festival’s  theme of Citizen Space that has been chosen by Mr. Cowan to highlight Orville Simpson’s painstaking process and the passion that sustained it for 60 years!

Join ArchiNATI, the Young Architect’s and Interns Forum, the American Institute of Architecture Students, and DAAP Galleries in exploring and celebrating Orville Simpson’s life-long passion for citizen space Friday October 11th at 6 PM at the newly reopened Rhinegeist Brewery (originally built as the Christian Moerlein Brewing Company’s bottling plant). Tickets to the Exhibition are $25, and include a farm-to-table dinner inspired by Victory City’s sustainable agricultural practices, prepared by Chef Steven Shockley. The dinner will be served via a system inspired by Simpson’s beloved “Circle-Serv” cafeteria device, and accompanied by fresh-brewed Rhinegeist craft beer.

Come discover one man’s decades-long passion for creating a better, more sustainable city–Victory City, an exhibit presented by DAAP Galleries. Creative food prepared by Chef Steven Shockley, sourced locally, and inspired by the exhibit. The food will be served in served in a truly surprising way! The exhibit and dinner will be held at Rhinegeist Brewery–an amazing 1900s factory space.



Rhinegeist Dinner & Victory City Exhibition  | “Discover a Vision of the future in a Space from the Past”

Dinner created by Stephen Shockley (formerly of CUMIN) paired with Rhinegeist brews

DAAP Galleries exhibit of VICTORY CITY, the life work of Oroville Simpson II, describing his utopian plan for a new city.

Rhinegeist Brewery, 1910 Elm St. 45202
FRIDAY, OCT 11TH | 6:00PM-8:00 PM
TICKETS REQUIRED – Available for purchase at http://www.architecturecincy.org/shop/


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