#13.014: Scavenger Hunt Prizes


The Grand Prize for this years Photo Scavenger Hunt!

The Scavenger Hunt Prizes have arrived! Just in time too, the Rookwood Pottery Co. Tour and Reception is coming up this Thursday evening. The deadline for submissions is noon on Thursday, October 10th. It looks like we will have some beautiful October days which are perfect for being outside and capturing some fine shots. The clues are online in our Clue Gallery and there is a printable available for download with a click on this link: The Rookwood Photo Scavenger Hunt Guide.

Guests at this free event have the opportunity to experience expertly guided behind the scenes tours of Rookwood’s actual working processes. There will be free food and drinks including beer and wine for all the attendees and we will be awarding the prizes to the Rookwood Photo Scavenger Hunt winners! And as a special ‘Thank You’ all the guests will take home a piece of Rookwood for themselves, the appropriately titled piece – ‘The Potter at the Wheel’.


The Rookwood Presents a Tour & Reception  | “Manufacturing and Discovering Art

Guided tours of the Rookwood Pottery Co. and the announcement of the ArchiNATI Scavenger Hunt winners.

Tours Start at 6:00pm &  7:00pm followed by the announcement of the winners

Rookwood Pottery Company 1920 Race Street, 45202
THURSDAY, OCT 10TH | 5:30PM-8:00 PM
Event is FREE and Open to the Public

Registration Not Required but Welcomed at ArchinatiRookwood.eventbrite.com


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