#12.034: Thank You!

We’ll be seeing you somewhere down the road!

A project like the ArchiNATI Festival does not come together without the help of a large number of people. We want to take a moment (which isnt really long enough!) to recognize the people and groups that have made this year possible.

Thanks to our 2012 Partner, The American Institute of Architects Cincinnati Chapter

Thanks to our 2012 Sponsors, Fuel Cincinnati, BHDP,  Uffizi Zuffa & Neon’s Unplugged

Thanks to our Kickstarter Backer, Krista Paas

Thanks to our Kickstarter Supporters, Jack Campbell, Brad White, Nicholas Cristofaro, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Choto, Matt, Susan Kolber, Josh Flowers, John Jaskiewicz, & Oliver Kroner


We partnered with some great organizations to create the great programming for ArchiNATI 2012 and they deserve a round of applause.

Thanks to the American Institute of Architecture Students of Miami University and the University of Cincinnati and The Miami University Center for Community Engagement for getting ArchiNATI started on the right foot!

Thanks to the institutions that contributed that proudly bear the name of this city, The Cincinnati Museum Center, The Cincinnati Art Museum and Liz Gardner, The Cincinnati Public Library and Patricia Van Skaik, Alexander Christoforidis and the University of Cincinnati and finally, Thanks to  the Cincinnati Ballet

Thanks to our free wheelin’ partners that really got us moving this year,  Queen City Bike, The Spring Grove Cemetery and the Urban Basin Bicycle Club

Thanks to Rookwood Pottery for donating the tiles for winners of our ‘LOOK UP!’ scavenger hunt. We had two very excited winners!

Thanks to the groups that told us to take a hike (in a good way!) and see some amazing work, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful and Future Blooms, Stacy and Holly at OTR Living and Mike Morgan at Queen City History

Thanks to the people who were fantastic and gracious hosts, The Boyer Guild and The Symphony Hotel, The 8th Street Design District including Greensource Cincinnati, Glaserworks, GBBN, Brandstetter Carroll and KZF Design

We had some presenters who made us all a bit smarter for which are very thankful, Nern Ostendorf of Queen City Bike, Doug Hinger of D-HAS, Jeff Raser of Glaserworks and Dave Zelman of FRCH

ArchiNATI ended with a very special ‘launch’ that came together through the hard work of the organizers of the ‘LIVE MAKE’ Competition

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the ArchiNATI 2012 Festival. We are already looking forward to next year!

Best Regards,
The ArchiNATI 2012 team


*Editors Note: Photo by Nate Grigg & licensed under a Creative Commons License

#12.033: Anthony Luensman Exhibition at the Weston Art Gallery

I know it is a little late to be adding to the schedule but sometimes an opportunity comes up that you just have to take advantage of. Anthony Luensman is having his first major solo show in 5 years at the Weston Art Gallery. Luensman’s work in the past has dealt with many architectural themes like light and shadow, perceptions of weight and creating environments with sound. On Sunday October 7th at noon we will have a guided tour by Dennis Harrington, director of the Weston Art Gallery, of Luensman’s most recent exhibition, ‘Taint‘. Please join us for this excellent opportunity to see a Cincinnati native exhibiting his most recent work.

ArchiNATI Visits the Weston Art Gallery:

SUNDAY, October 7th | 12-1 PM


*Editor’s Note: Photo Attribution – photo by Steven Depolo licensed under a creative commons license




#12.031.02: The Grand Prize for the ‘LOOK UP!’ Scavenger Hunt is Here!

Don’t scroll past the opening lines just to get to the pictures! We need to remind you of the rules first:

The rules are simple.  Using the images and clues provided on the Scavenger Hunt Guide, find all eight buildings and take a photo of yourself in front of each one.  Be sure to get enough of the building in the image so we can be sure you visited all of them.  Send all eight images to ArchiNATI12@gmail.org BEFORE Friday, October 5th at 2:00 pm.

I suppose since we’ve kept you in suspense long enough………on with the pictures!

The tile features Carew Tower. One of the best buildings in Cincinnati to ‘look up’ at!

Half the fun is opening the box!

On the back the tile is numbered and stamped with the Rookwood Pottery logo and includes a description of Carew Tower

#12.032: “City and Scale” A Lecture Hop with the 8th Street Design District

The 8th Street Design District and the ArchiNATI 2012 Festival are happy to announce “City and Scale”, a lecture hop on October 5th. When we talk about about cities we almost always talk about ‘scale’. In the architectural sense of the word, scale usually refers to the relative relationship amongst people, places or objects. Cities have an abundance of ‘scales’ that are constantly interacting and shaping the city. Pedestrians interact with objects, cars, bikes, phones, objects relate to buildings, buildings relate to other buildings, neighborhoods connecting to the city and so on. Understanding a city means having an understanding of the variety of relationships that exist between the various scales that operate in the city.

Cincinnati has seen a substantial transformation occur at various scales within the city. “City and Scale” presents projects and concepts developing in the city of Cincinnati that are addressing a few of the scales at work in the city. Presenting as part of “City and Scale” will be Nern Ostendorf of Queen City Bike discussing how we can design a better street in her program “Complete Streets 101”; Jeff Raser of Glaserworks and Doug Hinger of D-HAS will be presenting “Cincinnati’s New Form Based Code” and the implications it has for the entire city of Cincinnati; and Dave Zelman of FRCH will be presenting the “Western Riverwalk & Ohio River Trail”, a vision for the growth of neighborhoods along the Ohio River to the west of the city.

We hope that you will join us for a casual, fun and informative discussion of the projects and concepts that are shaping the future of Cincinnati.

The plan is simple. From 530 PM-8 PM the following members of the 8th Street Design District have offered open houses: Greensource Cincinnati, Glaserworks, GBBN, KZF Design and Brandstetter Carroll. At 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm there will be a presentation hosted by one of the 8th Street Design District offices. The schedule and locations of the presentations is below.

Presentation Schedule for Friday, October 5th:

530-6: Free Time to tour and visit firms & offices

6-620: Presentation 1 @ Green Source\ Nern Ostendorf  \ “ Complete Streets 101”

620-7: Free Time to tour and visit firms & offices

7-720: Presentation 2 @ Glaserworks\ Jeff Raser & Doug Hinger  \ “Cincinnati’s New Form Based Code”

720 -8: Free Time to tour and visit firms & office

8-820: Presentation 3 @ GBBN \ Dave Zelman  \ “The Western Riverwalk & Ohio River Trail”

Download the “City and Scale” Flyer

*Editors Note: Photo Attribution – Photo by Frank Pierson, used under a creative commons license