#13.002: Opening Weekend Preview


Sneaking a Peek!

The ArchiNATI  festival is right around the corner and we’ve been collaborating with some amazing partners to put on an exciting series of events for 2013. Now, we don’t want to give away all of our secrets so this is just peek behind the curtain…

On Friday September 20th ArchiNATI & the Architecture Foundation of Cincinnati are taking a big swing at their entry for Park(ing) Day 2013 along side the Merchants of Main Street and the 8th Street Design District.

Moving into October, the ArchiNATI festival kicks off on Friday, October 4th with the ‘Place from Space’ Competition Finalist’s Celebration in Walnut Hills.  On Saturday the 5th we will go for a ride on the ‘Queen City Bike Tour’ and discover sculptures, murals, and ghost signs as we wind around the basin. After a nice relaxing ride, ArchiNATi will be at the Brew House in Walnut Hills for a ‘facelift’ – we guarantee it’s definitely not what you think! What’s planned for Sunday the 6th should be a ‘walk in the park’. Cincinnati author Mike Morgan will give a guided tour of some of Cincinnati’s best ‘Citizen Spaces’.

This is just the opening weekend of the festival and there are many more events and details to come!


*Editors Note: Photo by Jeff Turner & licensed under a Creative Commons License