About ArchiNATI


The festival began in 2011 with a spirited group of young citizens that wished to celebrate Cincinnati’s architecture. Greater Cincinnati has an abundance of significant historic buildings and acclaimed contemporary architecture that rivals any city. With fervor, the group created ArchiNATI. Architecture affects us all, and Cincinnati’s architecture festival is a celebration for everyone.


To influence positive change in Greater Cincinnati’s built environment by increasing awareness and understanding of architecture through an annual festival.

Cincinnati has world-class architecture spanning decades that can make for a great place to live, work, and play. The built environment affects you daily whether you’re in your car or on your bike, at home or at work; so, we encourage your participation in order to positively change Greater Cincinnati.

The built environment you say?

Architecture is part of the built environment, which includes parks, infrastructure, and other man-made settings. But the built environment is also a spatial and cultural product. The festival engages the built environment in fun, entertaining ways.

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